Bluetooth App Share Plugin

Client: Open source project

My role: Android Development

Tools: Java, Cordova, React Native

Year: 2017

The Bluetooth App Share Plugin allows you to share your app's .apk with other nearby devices.

The plugin was written for a very simple reason: Although many people in Swaziland have Android smartphones, most people aren't signed in with a Google account and do not use Google Play Store.

This meant I couldn't get people to download my app Emoyeni. Inspired by the app ShareIt, where users can share the app with others using Bluetooth, I decided to write my own plugin that does exactly that.

The plugin allows a lot more people to use and share Emoyeni as internet is no longer required to get the application in the first place.

The plugin has just one function which sends the apk of the currently running application to nearby devices with bluetooth enabled. You can get the plugin on Github, it comes in two versions: one for React Native and one for Cordova.